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In the previous post about Volume 3, I showed 3 pages where Yul lost the bet about whether Goong Eunich has feeling for him or not. Well, the punishment that Yul agreed to take for losing the bet is pretty scary: at the school festival, Yul dresses up as a bride and meets Goong Eunich as husband!!!

About the Shin Ramen + egg pun... I said before that I don't like Shin because he's cruel to Chae-gyeong; Yul arranged for Shin to be egged in public, so I don't like him any better. Shin's previous girlfriend, Min Hyo-rin, knows that Yul is responsible for the incident, but she doesn't want the marriage to work out, so she keeps quiet.

The court politics is pretty interesting. Yul was originally supposed to inherit the throne, but because the king died Shin got to be the prince. Yul's mother wants to change that, and, since Shin's father feels guilty about the whole situation, he can be easily convinced to appoint Yul as the new prince. Yul's mother (i.e. formally addressed as Debi-mama) is determined to give Chae-gyeong a hard time so that her life in the palace and marriage will not go smoothly. She asks Chae-gyeong to "stay by her side" when Prince Shin leaves for England, and then she constantly ridicules her (like, just when Chae-gyeong leaves the room, Yul's mother says, "A [princess]... not knowing any English and having translator beside her is so embarassing. How can she hang around with Prince Wililam (who's visiting from England).." - Prince William visits from England). This does have real effect on Chae-gyeong by Volume 5; she stops hanging around William and gets depressed a bit. Eventually she stops eating and loses a lot of weight. Volume 4 ends without having any of the issues being resolved, except that Chae-gyeong and Shin seem to have gotten a lot closer to each other than ever before.
  • Visual quality: 12/12
  • General plot: 9/10
  • Comedy elements: 5/6
  • Action elements: 2/2
  • Romance elements: 2.5/3
  • Mystery elements: 2.5/3
  • Sophistication: 6/6
  • Realness: 6/6
Overall: (9.4/10)

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