2 drawings i did long ago (mecha musume)

Dassault Rafale

I posted it @ animepaper & got various responses, & I liked jenny713's the most:
The machine parts are pretty cool. think you need some more work on anatomy though. also work on detailing the facial area. the nose and mouth area should be more distinct. hair could be a little bit more detailed. the eyes look pretty good. maybe just add in pupils and little shine would make it better. the arms seem too long and too skinny. the main problem on the body is the shoulder to chest area. the neck seems too long, but maybe that's because the shoulders are misplaced.

F-18 Hornet

They look pretty good on paper, but when I tried to vector them on the computer they became much worse. Would buying a tablet help (I currently vector using a mouse)?

Review of 'Moon Boy' Volume 1

(In Korean: 요일 소년)

Myung-ee Joo's story begins from around the time when she is in 5th grade. Her passion is handsome mature men; she has a pretty boy picture collection & more impressively blogs about the male sex. Apparently Myung-ee just transferred to a new school; she meets the class president, Yu-da Lee (i.e. Eee; Lee is Chinese spelling), for the first time when she accidentally pushes him over on the way to school. Yu-da is a very popular boy, but some kids avoid him because he does not have mom and dad.

On the way back home, Myung-ee is revealed by Yu-da that they are similar in some ways. For one thing, their eyes turn red and become itchy at night. Soon they reach Yu-da's home, where Yuda's grandfather greets them. Myung-ee turns away in shock when the old man makes some mean jokes about her looks, and she bumps into a tall and handsome 10th grade guy by name of Ryu (Japanese name?). He is supposedly the most popular guy in a nearby high school, and strangely he offers to go out with Myung-ee the next day.

To her disappointment, Ryu does not come to pick her up after school. Ryu is in fact a fox (what?) who likes to eat the livers (what?!?) of rabbits (what!?!) from the moon (...the fox should also like other things i.e. insects), which would include Myung-ee and Yuda. Luckily for Myung-ee, Ryu is severely wounded or killed by a female humanoid rabbit (humanoid rob.. robo... robot) while attempting to eat Yuda.

Yuda then recovers a forgotten memory of how his parents died. He cries and collapses.

The story fast-forwards to Myeong-ee's transfer to a high school in 10th grade. She is still obsessed with handsome boys, as expected, and she takes pictures of them with her camera phone.
Myeong-ee also learns that Yu-da attends this school, and he is the class secretary and a member of the student council. Although Myeong-ee seems to want to dislike Yu-da, she admits that he is kind of cute and takes picture of him along with the other student council members. When she tries to approach him, however, Yu-da says he does not know her or even the elementary school that they had gone together with. This surprises and angers Myeong-ee because she thinks that Yu-da is trying to ignore her, but she eventually realizes that Yu-da is being honest with her.

That night Myeong-ee is visited (or rather attacked) by Sae-eun Won, who is one of the student council members. Luckily another rabbit wearing a mask of Robot Taekwon V comes to her rescue. The "fox" flees, and Myeong-ee presses Mr. Tae-kwon V to explain to her about the deal with rabbits being food for the foxes, etc. So basically, rabbits used to live on the moon long ago, but when they were invaded by the foxes they had to flee to Earth. The foxes followed them to Earth, and so the rabbits formed the "Soon-la Army" to counter the foxes (...y didn't they do that on the moon to begin with?). 2 of the 3 members of the student council (Jin-soo Jung and Sae-eun Won) are foxes, but Yu-da is a rabbit. The foxes let Yu-da leave because he is a special type - a black rabbit. They erased his memory and is protecting him until he is a full-grown adult, so that their queen, Hang-ah, can regain her powers that she had lost after drinking an elixir of immortality. Sae-eun is always around Yu-da as a watch guard but pretends to be Yu-da's best friend.

The next day Myeong-ee is bullied by some girls for having been a bit too emotional around Yu-da the day before. They take away her underwear and post it on a bulletin in a hallway. Yu-da makes them hand over the underwear to him so that he can return it to Myeong-ee and puts it in a bag. When Myeong-ee sees Sae-eun standing near Yu-da, she calls Sae-eun a "dog" and a "shaggy," and tells him to get lost. In response, Sae-eun takes out the panty and teases her about its strawberry patterns, causing Myeong-ee to lash out at him in tears. Yu-da holds her back and apologizes for his "friend," saying that Sae-eun does not mean to hurt her.

Meanwhile, Sae-eun is engaged in a fight with another boy, whose voice Myeong-ee recognizes to be Mr. Tae-kwon V's. The fight is interrupted when a strong wind reveals Myeong-ee's bottom naked; Mr. Tae-kwon V starts crying and apologizes, "I'm sorry! .... I saw your bumbum."
  • Visual quality: 8/10
  • General plot: 6.5/10
  • Comedy elements: 6/7
  • Action elements: 3/4
  • Mystery elements: 2/2
  • Otaku elements: 5.5/6
  • Realness: 2/4
Overall: (7.7/10)

2 drawings i did recently (cat & mouse)

sry I couldn't blog for a while (2 months). I'll have plenty of time to blog during the summer now.

the mouse, my favorite

the cat (i.e. neko-mimi) wants to eat u

I could try to turn these into vectors on the computer, but I really don't want to fry my brain & it always turns out that vectors look very different (--> worse) from the pencil drawing.

The main reason why I didn't blog at all recently is that I'm currently working on a small-length amateur comic (with pencils) & I've been trying to draw people more realistically (i.e. Asians don't have pointy small nose) while also pursuing the same level of cuteness or beauty of the simplified anime characters. I'd describe the style as counter-anime & so far it's been really hard to draw.
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