Review of 'The Flower of Evil' Volume 3

(In Korean: 악의 꽃)


Reading this volume made me wonder if the scanlators were too thorough in their cleanups of Vol. 1 & 2 scans because the scanlation of Volume 3 is filled in more & looks much nicer.

(I like how this scene here. It's how Corea feels like at night)
(I like how Seh-wa's drawn on the right - a cute curious face)

I love all the patterns & details that were in the drawing. People at soompi said The Flower of Evil was beautifully drawn, but I didn't really get what they meant until I read this volume.
(Probably this page was colored in by the scanlators. Very nicely : ) )

Meat Street
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So, the story goes like this. Seh-wa asks Seh-joon to demonstrate his love for her by killing himself, so Seh-joon gets in front of a car speeding down the road and is hospitalized. (Interesting plot, but still -1 for realness) Seh-wa feels so terrible for what she's done that she promises to never bother Seh-joon again. When Seh-joon recovers, his girlfriend Shi-yeun (who I think is older than Seh-joon b/c he addresses her as "sunbae," the Korean equivalent of "sempai" in Japanese; Seh-wa, who should be of same age as Seh-joon, refers to her as "unni," literally meaning "older sister.") comes home with Seh-joon & enjoys spending time with him. She visits few times more (like 1 more, I don't quite remember), and this makes Seh-wa mad. She breaks everything in her room and leaves home, planning to tire herself out by wandering in the streets. She's followed by Sung-chan, who walked home with Seh-wa from school and was waiting outside hoping that she'd get come out again because of Shi-yeun. Seh-wa wants to get rid of him, but she can't and eventually tires herself out. Eventually he baits her into a fast food place (like Lotte or McDonald's), & when she falls asleep he calls Seh-joon to pick her up. The next day, Seh-wa draws a lot of attention by walking out of a window on third floor & when Sung-chan comes to the scene she jumps on him, injuring his arm... (Again, very interesting, but still -1 for realness)

Anyhow, Yi Hyunsoo did a much better job overall with volume 3. She made Seh-wa more likable; her personality is very cute in a teasing way.

P.S. I found out Seh-joon & Seh-wa's last name - "Eun," (은) like "en" in "gotten."
  • Visual quality: 10/11
  • General plot: 8/10
  • Comedy elements: 2.5/3
  • Action elements: 2.5/3
  • Romance elements: 3/4
  • Mystery elements: 2/2
  • Sophistication: 5/6
  • Realness: 4/6

Overall: (8.2/10)

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