Review of 'The Flower of Evil' Volume 4

(In Korean: 악의 꽃)


Continuing on Seh-wa’s new friendship with Sung-chan (who I found out is rlly cauled Sung-joon/성준), volume 4 starts off with them going over to Sung-chan’s house at night. Sung-chan’s uncle is quiet taken aback by the sight of Seh-wa (not because she’s pretty, or maybe so -_- ) because having just the girl over by herself late at night is strictly contrary to Confucian morals (and pretty much every other ethical standards). Seh-wa actually wants a sleep-over (she’s ridiculously daring in a cute way, like Danbi in Love SOS), but I’m not sure to what extent Seh-wa is expecting that she’d be able to do that.

Fortunately or unfortunately (it'd have been more interesting), she leaves the house when she finds photos of her & her brother in one of Sung-chan's collections. Seh-wa goes home on a taxi, only to get a call from Sung-chan that he's waiting outside the her house. He waits there until the next morning & follows Seh-wa to school & on the way he tries to explain that he has taken pics of her & her brother b/c he simply likes them a lot. How she responds is funny:

On her way back to school, Seh-wa is attacked by a group of girls for being liked by Sung-chan. They leave her having cut her hair & her fingers up with a knife (she doesn't lose her fingers though, but still it's a sight). Seh-wa calls Sung-chan for help, and when he finds her sitting in the alley, he tries to take her to a hospital, but interestingly she begs him to take her to a hair salon first. Of course, Sung-chan takes her to the hospital before the hair salon. The chapter (13) ends with a really interesting scene that I won't spoil in this review.

After accompanying Seh-wa home, Sung-chan meets his previous girlfriend, Choi (or Chwae) Soo-jin b/c he suspects that she is mainly responsible for the cruelty. When she admits having hurt Seh-wa, Sung-chan basically threatens Soo=jin so she won't go near Seh-wa again. Personally, I don't think Sung-chan sounds threatening enough even for a girl, but Soo-jin does get really scared as willed by the manhwaga (i.e. manhwa artist).

Chapter 14 ends w/ Sung-chan getting rlly frustrated while conversing with Seh-wa about what she says at end of Chapter 13. He goes to a PC cafe (i.e. PC bang, "a" as in "bah") & plays a computer game that might be starcraft.
  • Visual quality: 10/11
  • General plot: 8/10
  • Comedy elements: 3/4
  • Action elements: 2.5/3
  • Romance elements: 3/4
  • Mystery elements: 1/1
  • Sophistication: 5/6
  • Realness: 5/6
Overall: (8.3/10)

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