2 drawings i did recently (cat & mouse)

sry I couldn't blog for a while (2 months). I'll have plenty of time to blog during the summer now.

the mouse, my favorite

the cat (i.e. neko-mimi) wants to eat u

I could try to turn these into vectors on the computer, but I really don't want to fry my brain & it always turns out that vectors look very different (--> worse) from the pencil drawing.

The main reason why I didn't blog at all recently is that I'm currently working on a small-length amateur comic (with pencils) & I've been trying to draw people more realistically (i.e. Asians don't have pointy small nose) while also pursuing the same level of cuteness or beauty of the simplified anime characters. I'd describe the style as counter-anime & so far it's been really hard to draw.


Jon Allen said...

Hey, very good little drawings.
Keep going.

dokebi said...

Thank you :)

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