2 drawings i did long ago (mecha musume)

Dassault Rafale

I posted it @ animepaper & got various responses, & I liked jenny713's the most:
The machine parts are pretty cool. think you need some more work on anatomy though. also work on detailing the facial area. the nose and mouth area should be more distinct. hair could be a little bit more detailed. the eyes look pretty good. maybe just add in pupils and little shine would make it better. the arms seem too long and too skinny. the main problem on the body is the shoulder to chest area. the neck seems too long, but maybe that's because the shoulders are misplaced.

F-18 Hornet

They look pretty good on paper, but when I tried to vector them on the computer they became much worse. Would buying a tablet help (I currently vector using a mouse)?


Kairu Ishimaru said...

Not bad. Needs moar mecha!

dokebi said...

thank you :)

doesn't moar mean "fetish attraction" in japanese?

mathd said...

Doesn't look like a monster to me. :)

dokebi said...

i hope that's a compliment :)

hmm do they look like monsters with 2 eyes & 2 thin arms & 2 thin legs & pretty faces

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