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Gusts Of Popular Feeling: A comic take on Kim Yu-na

For those who haven't read that blog post, I think it's worth while for me to talk about.

Compare the manhwa illustration of Kim Yuna to her real-life photo:

The manhwa version doesn't come close to looking the real Kim! How can the artist justify Kim's green eyes, brown hair, and a Caucasian nose? Indeed such features would better suit the tastes of the average manga/manhwa fans, although a comic like this would be read mostly by kids who will only become confused by this inaccurate depiction of her race. The drawing just looks really annoying to me.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you, the artist really did not do justice, to either Kim Yu-na or capturing Korean characteristics. Especially, her highlight is that beautiful slanted eyes, why on earth whould someone draw it sparkling and so big?

And sorry if this question is irrelevant, but I guess this is the best time to ask. I was wondering about where to get that Korean animation 'africa A.F.R.I.C.A'. Do you know where to download it? ^_^b

dokebi said...

Yea it's nice to know that someone agrees with me on this.

I might seem hypocritical b/c all of my drawings that I posted (except for the dokebi girl) are Caucasian, but actually I also draw non-Caucasians in anime style. They're just much harder to draw & I'm still working on some of it, but I'll soon post what I have so far.

Paul said...

I agree that it's a terrible depiction of her, but there's no danger of forgetting what she really looks like. She's printed about 4 feet tall on nearly every flat surface in this country. I see her every day on the subway, and once more on the cellphone shop on the way to work.

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