Korean & African Americans shouldn't hate each other!

This is a short animation featuring Margaret Cho & Bruce Daniels that promotes better relations between Koreans and blacks.

Lol, probably the best line in the strip: "When we hate each other" "we're taking valuable time away from" "hating white people." "And we don't wanna do that. Do we?"

My understanding of the issue is that in the United States there is a large number of Korean Americans who are racist against blacks, but I also heard that Koreans are the most likely Asian ethnicity to marry an African American. On the other hand, South Koreans are definitely racist against foreigners of darker skin color, and in reverse they generally lust for whiter skin. I see why this may be the case, but I just think that they're wrong & misguided.

Korean animation and manhwa are reflective of this racist mindset. As I've said before, Koreans should stop depicting Asian characters with Caucasian looks. (And they look different from the real thing) I've observed before that the main characters in Japanese and Korean animes tend to be lighter-skinned than the side characters & antagonists. There is no need for that... Take a look at Nadia, for example. It's one of my most favorite childhood animes. There are 2 characters who look Southeast Asian - Nadia and Captain Nemo - and the only blond lady in the series has a very dark tan.


Ian K said...

Oddly enough, for all of the racism, apparently HALF of the kids born in Korea this year will be mixed-race.


dokebi said...

At least Koreans are not very smart about it. They're so open with their feelings.

I've observed racism amongst white Americans to be more common & more subtle than one would imagine, but you can't accuse them or identify each instances of racism .

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