Webtoon: Welcome to Convenience Store ep 1

Umm so long time no see. This is a 2~3 min long webtoon about a convenience store (a.k.a. "supermarket" in Konglish). It's like the producers ran out of good ideas so they decided to inspire kids to become store keepers. (They recently did a program about a Korean-Eastern European couple who supposedly live happily together running a convenience store...)

I've tried to translate it (post edit - nvm don't watch it, it's terrible):

(it starts out with a typical cheesy anime-ish song)

0:21 - "Wara Family" (Wara / 와라 means "come" ?)

0:55 - "딸랑이는 종소리와 어서오세요 즐거운 인사" (Jingling bell sound & friendly greeting)

1:00 - "잠시 쉬어가셔도 좋아요 없는게 없는 당신의 쉼터" (It's okay for you to stay and rest for a bit .... your rest place that lacks any lacking)

1:09 - "안녕하세요 무얼찾고있나요" (Hello what are you looking for?)

1:12 - "망설이지 말고 제게 말해봐요" (Tell me without hestitating)

1:16 - "언제나 어디서나 함께하는" (Anytime anywhere together)

1:22 - "하루가 담긴 여러분의 편의점" (Containing the day's episodes... everyone's convenience store)

1:27 - "피곤한 아침에도 고단한 저녁에도" (On lazy mornings and tiring evenings)

1:33 - "당신을 위해 always with you" (Always with you for you ....)

1:46 - "1화 신분증... 미성년자는 안돼요" (Ep. 1 Identification. Minors Not Allowed)

1:54 - RADIO: "그래서 이번엘범은 좀 성숙한 분이기로 드러왔습니다." (So this time the album came with some mature look) - not sure if this is right

1:56 - RADIO: "네, 이번엘범 title 제목이?" (Ok. This album's title is..?)

1:99 - RADIO: "오빠앞에서 짝짝공이라고 하는건데요." (It's called 'In front of your boyfriend .... tight') ???

2:02 - RADIO: "아... 오빠앞에서 짝짝공이요? 네... 참 더렆게 성숙하네요." (Oh, " " " " " " " " " " " " ? Yeah sure, it sounds inappropriate/dirty)

2:11 - RADIO: "그런데 xxx 소녀가 오빠의 마음을 사로잡기 위헤 애쓴다면..." (So, if an xxx girl tries real hard to capture the boyfriend's/ your mind...)

2:30 - "헤... 허 어서오세요." (Eh, heh! Come on in)

2:41 - "...일한갑 주세요." (A pack of cigarette please)

2:47 - "허... 생긴거는 아루리 봐도 봐도 고등인데... 아버지 심부른인가?" (Gasp. By appearance he's undeniably a high school student... Is it an errand for his father?)

2:49 - "아 저 손님, 실으지만, 신분증좀 보여주시겠서요? (Excuse me Mr. Customer, but could you show me your identification?"

2:51 - "아 저 신분증이요?" (Ah my ID?)

2:53 - "죄송합니다만, 너무 어려보여서요." (I'm sorry, it's because you look so young/immature.)

2:57 - "아 궨찬해요. 제가 오낙 동안이라 그런 오해를 자주 받거든요. 하 하. 여기요." (Oh it's okay. I get misunderstood like that all the time. Here.)

3:08 - "내가 오해를 했구나. 궨히 미얀해지내." (I apparently misunderstood. I feel sorry now.)

3:16 - "어.. 어........ 손님... 맞일레요?" (Uh...........huh! Mr. Customer, do you wanna get beat up?)

3:33 - "사진 가리면 ............녀석 ............" (If you cover the photo, .................) - can't understand the last part

3:48 - "형 신분증이라고?" (It's your brother's ID?)

3:51 - "예..." (Yes mam)

3:52 - "애인이냐?" (Is he a grownup/etc...?)

3:54 - "당현이죠." (Of cou ..... rse not.)

4:17 - "엔딩 후에도 뭔가 있슬텐대.. 보기실으면 말던가...." (There should be something after ending... If you don't want to look, don't.)

(Wow it's got an ending song too.... the songs are like 3 min out of a 6 min video... Well, I didn't get anything out of the 1st episode.)

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