Alternative to current anime/manhwa character style

Someone did agree with my complaints (1 & 2) about anime's inaccurate presentation of Asian features. See my post @ flavcorn on "Japanese anime characters who look Japanese," & read the comments. The tacit assumption among the anime fans seems to be that Asians are just ugly, or they don't look all the interesting, and therefore they would look terribly in a realistic animation.

People who think Asians are ugly just don't know enough about Asia, its traditions, & its pop culture. As I've shown here, Europeans are beautiful & ugly in their own way; it's not simply "oh you have blonde hair & blue eyes, so you are automatically pretty." Anyone could argue with me about this, but why bother? The only thing that matters is that accurate representation of Asian features can be superior to the current anime style (which.... evolved that way gradually for various, legitimate reasons that I've outlined here).

Only reason why Asians don't appear too often in anime's & manhwa's is that the 2D outlines don't suit Asians' gradual facial contours. But I'm sure that, in time, animators will be able to draw with multiple, overlapping transparency layers that will allow Asian facial features to be portrayed accurately.

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