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A while back, people of all sorts - bloggers, forumers, youtubers, etc. - were all chanting, "Goong. Goong. Goong." so I looked it up & thought, "looks like crap," & completely forgot about it. Then few days ago, I got access to the entire series, and by then I had forgot that I had thought it was crap & had forgotten it, so I began reading it. My reaction then was, "omg this is uber."

I can't believe how beautiful the drawing is. Every page is so thoroughly detailed & artistic that they're actually uploaded as scans at The usual anime style drawing doesn't even compare at all with how Goong's drawn b/c anime style is plastic & you can really enjoy it for like 2 seconds, & they essentially all look the same. The Koreans here actually look much more Korean. They weren't "beautiful" in the Caucasian style, which usually looks pretty sick in other manhwa's if "drawn beautifully."
Some people theorize that higher visual quality indicates inferior content overall, and vice versa; they actually make sense when you compare games for Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 with those of Nintendo Wii. Not in this case. Goong is superb in all possible ways. The story's pretty complex because it's about a highschool girl who is forced to a marriage with a Korean prince (this is fiction b/c the Korean royal family doesn't exist any more). Thanks to the strangely admirable yet realistic drawing style, the characters feel more human & their presence & their thoughts and feelings are much more dramatic. In other words, funny scenes are funnier. Sad scenes are sadder. Exciting scenes are rollercoastic.

I don't know what else to say. I'm going to have so much fun reading the other volumes! He he he. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
  • Visual quality: 12/12
  • General plot: 9/10
  • Comedy elements: 5/6
  • Action elements: 2.5/3
  • Romance elements: 2.5/3
  • Mystery elements: 1.5/2
  • Sophistication: 3/3
  • Realness: 6/6
Overall: (9.2/10)

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Anonymous said...

Er.... wut? I guess taste of art varies between person to person, because one of the first things I noted was that I hated the art style and because of that I couldn't get through the first volume. Also I have a very strong strong distaste for over "Shojo" type art with the OMG ROUND eyes. The art seems really inconsist? Like in the first page or so the characters had HUGE hands and arms leading into small heads, and I'm not talking about chibi for comdey. The "LOL more realistic"-ness of the drawings does nothing for me since I love the usual anime style a lot. EX: Kyoani's Clannad character designs. From a glance, the story sounded like the usual romance gig. I can't really say for sure since I couldn't get through the first volume.

dokebi said...

I mean, that's what I thought too when I first looked at it. I really did hate the art style. But it's like... food, I guess. At first I hated the vegetarian pizza from @ Schlotsky's, but eventually I came to love b/c it had richer taste. I think eventually you might like it. The art seems pretty consistent...

I did watch several episodes of Clannad & the characters did looked great... but the girls all had this really gay voice & acted all stupid, so I didn't like it. I guess Clannad's 1 of those anime's with good looking characters & terrible everything-else. And then there are anime's with so so-looking characters & great everything-else like Elfen Lied, 5cm Per Second, etc.

Well, I strongly recommend that you try Goong again.

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