Review of 'Metal Heart' Volume 2

(In Korean: 메탈하트)

Min Si-ah comes to Hyun Min-woo's school (the fact that all the girls there are forced to wear the same uniform that appear in "Metal Heart 2" dating sim game is pretty ridiculous), and although Si-a's seated right next to him, Min-u can't even get close to her during break!
  • Min-u: "Hey guys, that's my seat..."
  • Girls: "Shut up! Don't get close to her, Min-u!"
  • Ppl wearing NBC suits (nuclear-biological-chemical): "We can't let you get close to her. It's our duty to keep the new student from catching the Min-u virus!"
  • When In-hyuk comes along, Girls: "...let me have In-hyuk virus!"
  • Min-sia: "What's going on?" Girl: "It's just that Min-u's an ota.." Nuri quickly puts the girl to sleep & says, "...okaku when it comes to studying."
I couldn't help laughing and laughing again reading this volume, but I thought the story went too far when the body scanner goes berjerk with its cords grabbing onto naked girls waiting for their physical examinations.
  • Visual quality: 8.5/10
  • General plot: 6/10
  • Comedy elements: 6.5/7
  • Action elements: 3/3
  • Romance elements: 1.5/2
  • Otaku elements: 7.5/8
  • Realness: 1.5/4 (the body scanner)
Overall: (7.8/10)

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