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I read like 5 volumes already, so I kinda lost what Volume 2 is like. I skimmed through it again, so I think I'm ready to write this review... Volume 2 of Goong does contain bits of funny scenes here and there, but it mostly concerns Shin Chae-gyeong's home-sickness, anxiety about her marriage, and the feeling of alien-ness in the palace. Even if certain parts of the story don't humour you right on the spot, they are there so that more interesting plots can develop later on. Chae-gyeong's bro is a freak. Because his sister was leaving him, he showed off his depression by leaning his head toward a tree and making weird expressions on his face. When the reporters came to the Shins' house on the day of Chae-gyeong's departure, Shin Chae-jun snatched a mike away from a female reporter and then introduced himself as the princess' bro. Guards drove him away, and the reporter said something like, "That was a lie. He was a just a random guy from the neighborhood." (actually this might be from Volume 1... Due to the circumstances, I can't read Goong right now :<)
Yi Shin (Chae-gyeong jokes, "I like you so much, Shin [Ramen]" ... there's also a pun about Shin Ramen noodles + eggs later in the series), the Korean prince, keeps ignoring Chae-gyeong, and to me it was pretty clear that he really wants his wife to be miserable as hell. He tells her directly that she's going to be his doll, and he's going to have a lot of fun with her. Their relationship does improve in the later volumes, so don't worry. Ah. Forgot to mention this. Chae-gyeong and Shin sleep together in the last chapters!!! Chae-gyeong only had 1 bed, and there was nowhere else at Chae-gyeong's house where Shin could sleep (i.e. Chae-jun had to use his room to study for exams). The sleeping scene was rather quite funny. Maybe I should have upgraded the Comedy and Romance scores by .5 each.
  • Visual quality: 12/12
  • General plot: 9/10
  • Comedy elements: 4.5/6
  • Action elements: 2/3
  • Romance elements: 2.5/3
  • Mystery elements: 2.5/3
  • Sophistication: 6/6
  • Realness: 6/6
Overall: (9.1/10)

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