'Very! Very! Daisuki' vol 1 ch 1

(In Korean: 배리! 배리! 다이스키)

I was surfing the web looking for manhwa-related stuffs & came upon this title. I wondered, "why 'daisuki' (I love you, in Japanese) in a title of a manhwa?" Immediately all sorts of theories came up in my mind & they were mostly disagreeable stuffs, so I just decided to forget about the title & move on. But then, I didn't find anything interesting elsewhere, so I came back to the manhwa. The synopses provided for this manhwa by the Korean sites were all the same:
"독도는 우리 땅이야! 왕 쪼잔한 놈아!"
지구를 위해 숲을 사고픈, 주변....

"Dokdo is our territory! You xxx xxx xxx!"
I was like, "uhhh.. the manhwa cover doesn't look as if it'd be concerned with a territorial dispute....." But this got me pretty curious & so I spent a long time searching for a scanlation of the first 2 chapters. I found vol 1 chap 1, but couldn't find chapter 2 which is also out somewhere on the web.

v1c1 was quite interesting, but I don't think I can give a rating on a single chapter of an entire volume. The drawing quality is not bad, but, for comparison, I'll say that it's not as good as that of the Neon Genesis Evangelion manga's that I read few years ago. I really like the drawing of Chiyoshi's grandfather. He looks serious & ancient enough for his role as a scary grandpa. A cute or gay-looking grandpa wouldn't fit with all the dramatic interactions that he has with Chiyoshi. The first chapter of the first volume of Very! Very! Daisuki is filled with funny & silly moments, but I can't say much more about from reading just the first chapter.

(Read a review of it here)

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