Review of ‘LOVE SOS’ Volume 2

(In Korean: 사랑 SOS)
Back at the hospital, Danbi is visited by Hansol, who asks if Danbi’s newly arrived roommate (Arum) is Sung-oo. When Hansol says that the girl seems to fake her voice, Danbi gets rlly mad and makes so much ruckus that people come in to check on the two. Danbi apologizes and takes Hansol outside because he keeps peeking on “Arum” (he’s actually trying to see who she really is).

Hansol takes out a cigarette to smoke, but Danbi smacks the cigarette out of his hand with strong disapproval. Although Hansol tries to justify himself by saying that he’s “almost” 17, Danbi replies, “17 isn’t an adult,” which makes Hansol laugh. I assumed that he laughs because Danbi sounds cute and naïve, but it’s actually because, as he says, he started smoking when he was only 13 years old. He explains, “So I’d get yelled by your aunt.” The “miserable introduction” is all that Hansol can manage to say about his complex relationship with his “mother.”

Hansol pulls Danbi onto his motorcycle, and, saying, “oh yea, you can’t see” (remember that Danbi had lost her eyes in the beginning of Volume 1, but her vision was recovered with a pair of eyes donated by Su-yeong, who’s now dead) as an excuse, he hugs her tightly for a joke. Just then, they see Han Bada walking by, so Hansol calls him and reveals to Danbi that they’re very close friends. I personally think Hansol and Sungmin look cooler, but Han Bada is supposedly a beautiful pretty boy.

Saying that “something just came up,” Hansol asks Bada (name literally meaning “sea”) to take Danbi home on his bike and walks away. Since it seems a bit unnatural that Bada is casually walking by a hospital, he explains that he lives nearby, and he is the son of the doctor who performed surgery on Danbi. Bada riding the motor bike reminds her of the guy who "saved" her, so Danbi asks him if he met her before by the Han River; nope. To make sure, Danbi keeps touching his back but stops when Bada complains. When they arrive at aunt's house, Bada gives Danbi her pendant (which in Vol. 1 Danbi gave to the guy @ Han River, but coincidentally Bada had it later and wouldn't give it back to her), and Danbi asks him if he wants in exchange. He wants a kiss xxxx xxx xxxx.

Danbi gets inside the house and finds Hansol all naked (I wonder how he got to the house first) after taking a shower. Although Danbi freaks out, Hansol asks, "you're blind, so why does it matter?"

  • Visual quality: 7.5/10
  • General plot: 8.5/10
  • Comedy elements: 5/6
  • Action elements: 2.5/3
  • Romance elements: 2.5/4
  • Mystery elements: 2.5/3
  • Realness: 5.5/6
Overall: (8.1/10)

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