Review of 'Goong' Volume 3

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This time Chae-gyeong jokes over Shin's name by referring to his shoes, the Korean word for which is shin-bal (신발). "Shin... I like you a lot. Your smell is number 1!"

The couple stays at the wife's house for just few more days. There are several scenes that really show how pathetic the prince is... I just really hate him. He doesn't allow Chae-gyeong to extend her visit just a little longer, even though she cries and begs. When Chae-gyeong sleeps with her parents before their leave next morning, Shin gets really irritated because he's letting Chae-gyeong be a little happier. When they leave, he doesn't even allow her to say a proper good-bye to her parents by pushing Chae-gyeong into the car and raising the windows. Although the queen is willing to let Chae-gyeong visit her parents more often, Yi Shin intervenes and says something like, "I'm your husband, so I have the final say in wherever you go... It will depend on how well you carry out your Sejabin duties." (But he's planning to never allow Chae-gyeong to visit her family again.) It's enough to make Chae-gyeong tell him that he's gotten scary recently. I think that this complex psychology of Yi Shin can be best understood by reading a scene from Volume 2. He says that rich people who have always gotten everything in their life the way they wanted become unhappy when they see others having things that they can't get. For Yi Shin, it seems those things are normal life and family love.

There are more things in this volume, but I'll leave them to you to find out.

  • Visual quality: 12/12
  • General plot: 9.5/10
  • Comedy elements: 5/6
  • Action elements: 1/2
  • Romance elements: 2.5/3
  • Mystery elements: 3/3
  • Sophistication: 6/6
  • Realness: 6/6
Overall: (9.4/10)

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Anonymous said...

hi I am korean
I'm surprised that many korea comic books are translated in english. oh..
are they have published in foreign????? how did you get that
comics??? it's very curious *_*

dokebi said...
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dokebi said...
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dokebi said...

places like and and

i would prefer to buy them when i am able to

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